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Our Services

Here at Just Plain Trick, the possibilities are endless to what we can do for your custom car or truck. Everything from custom body work to installing a set of bags, all the way up to a full on stock-floor body drop. We are your one-stop shop for all your custom needs.

Air Bags and Hydraulics

Need some bags or hydraulics installed? Have Just Plain Trick build you a whole 4-link system, or maybe a cantilever suspension. We sell bags and hydraulics, so wether you have your own, or you want to buy through us, we'll gladly install them for you.

Body Drops

This is not for the faint of heart or the weak willed. Nor is it for a customizer who likes to half ass things. Let's go all out. It's time to stop being a baby and body drop that thing! We've bodydropped em' all... Fullsizes, Minitrucks, even done unibody drops on Hondas. Just Plain Trick is the king of bodydrops in Arizona.

Custom Body Work

Let Just Plain Trick shave your doors, rain gutters, hood squirters, tail lights, hell, shave the whole damn thing! We are sure to cool our welds to minimize warping. Want some Caddy tail lights frenched into your rollpan? Then you call Just Plain Trick. We'll take care of you.

Custom Fabrication

Just Plain Trick can make a monkey fit in your glovebox, or make a bowling ball come out of your tailgate. Don't know why you'd want that done, but let's just say if you did want something like that, Just Plain Trick is the place to go.

Custom Interiors

Tweed, Leather, we've done it all, with many happy customers. Let us know when you're down here what we can do for you.

Mobile Audio and Video

Need TV's falling from the sky? Or a system for bleeding ears? We can do it loud, fast, and best of all, we can do it right. With many years under our belt in the Audio Video world, Just Plain Trick has been known to make our customers happy.

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